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Biological Treatments 

Our aim is to provide a green and safe alternative for cleaning and waste management needs to reduce the harmful impacts that toxic chemicals are having on our environment and to help build towards a sustainable future. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the environment, Binder Limited are proud to announce our new Binder Bio Ecological Product range. Binder Bio products are produced from microbial, enzyme and plant extract technologies. We cover a broad range of markets including domestic, drain systems, water and grease treatments. 
The supply of natural cleaning products for the treatment of Odours, Fats, Oil and Grease solutions is one of the key areas to providing an end-to-end service. We have helped develop a range of products aimed at reducing problems in drainage systems caused by organic waste. Whether these problems are fats and greases in commercial kitchens or organic solids in small or large sewage plants, we have a solution.  
All of our products are environmentally, human and animal friendly, biodegradable and help towards a sustainable future. They also comply with the latest legislation and environmental recommendations. 
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Cleaning Products 
As part of the Binder Bio release, we are supplying Bio-D hypoallergenic, environmentally responsible detergents that have a minimum impact on the ecosystem, both in their use and in their manufacturing process. Where possible, all raw materials are plant-derived and are obtained from renewable sources. 
Binder Dosing System 
Due to its small size, coupled with it's availability in both battery and mains forms, the system can be installed anywhere, ideally within the kitchen. It could also be placed in a kiosk for direct dosing to a pump station or sewage treatment plant. The dosers provide an easy and inexpensive solution, which is environmentally friendly and compliant with food hygiene regulations. The IP66 Polycarbonate enclosure provides protection against water ingress and high temperature environments, making these suitable for all kitchen and food preparation applications.  
Binder Degreaser Liquid 
Drainage outlets in areas where food preparation is taking place should have a means of preventing grease build-up that can lead to blockages and odour problems. Binder Degreaser Liquid is used as a maintenance tool to treat fats, oil, and grease in the grease trap and to prevent grease and fat build up in the sewer system. It is used extensively in places where food preparation and processing produce large quantities of waste water with a high proportion of grease and fat which, if left untreated, can often block or restrict the flow of drainage systems. For use with the Binder Dosing System 
Binder Degreaser Block 
The Binder Degreaser Block is a controlled release system containing a specially selected blend of non-toxic natural multi-strain microbes, which digest fats, oils and greases (FOG) and other organic matter in wet wells and other low oxygen situations. Quick and easy to install, the Binder Degreaser Block can be suspended into the system by a rope into the incoming flow to increase maximum exposure time. This will eliminate Fat, Oil and Grease build-ups, keeping your system clear and providing a far better and unpolluted environment. 
Binder Service Agreement 
Take out a Binder Service Agreement and we will replace your Biological Treatment products free of charge. Conditions Apply. Available in East Anglia only. 
Binder Odour Neutralizer 
For use with the Binder Dosing System, the Odour Neutralizer inhibits the formation of mal-odours (H2S) from waste and waste water.  
The breakdown of odour causing compounds requires the presence of an adequate number of beneficial micro-organisms responsible for the process. Using a selective mixture of micro-organisms, these mal-odours can be reduced and their formation can be inhibited through acceleration of the biological process. 
Binder Nutrient 
For use with the Binder Dosing System, the Binder Nutrient liquid contains the optimal balance of essential organic nutrients that are required for rapid microbial growth and multiplication. The product is manufactured as a sterile mixture which ensures complete uptake by the biological process. 
Binder Multi-Strain Eco Sachet 
Binder Multi-strain Eco Sachets are a granular mixture of free enzymes and bacteria that become active when diluted in a bucket of clean water and perform multiple tasks. When poured into an area affected by fats and grease in a drain area, they start to break down fat and grease in minutes. Binder Multi-strain Eco Sachets can also be used to replenish and boost the supply of invaluable micro-organisms within your septic tank to keep your system running properly. 
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