Looking to replace your current system?

Our accredited installation department can help you choose the best wastewater system for your needs. Our team will visit to complete an initial site survey and produce a comprehensive report and system design. 

Want help finding the right plant?

With a thorough understanding of industry regulations and years of experience, we guarantee independent advice when installing or replacing your system. We work with a number of leading manufacturers and our technical experts will advise on every detail of your installation including size, location, discharge procedures and regulatory requirements meaning you can rest assured our team will complete your installation in an efficient and worry-free manner.

In a remote location or have limited access?

Our fleet are designed to fit in the smallest spaces and our team have a wealth of experience finding customers in various locations in East Anglia and we pride ourselves in providing a personal service so you can let us know any special instructions for your visit.

Watch our video below for a snapshot from a recent residential installation.

‘What a wonderful company. We have just had an old septic tank removed and a new Water Filtration Plant put in by Binder. They made the whole operation as easy as possible and were highly efficient. We cannot recommend them highly enough.’

Karen Berrill

Do you require disposal of oily water?

We can take care of hazardous waste including oily water and we fully adhere to industry standards and offer safe collection and disposal of oil waste. 

For more information, give us a call on 01473 830582 or contact our advisors.

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